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All My Children - 8/8/08
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As Tad and his family host a barbeque for the Hubbards, Cass causes a scene by railing at Jesse for taking Dre into custody.

Ryan, Annie, Zach and Kendall arrive in Las Vegas and head straight for the gaming tables. Meanwhile, Greenlee and Aidan come to the chapel to act as witnesses for Babs and Foster's wedding.

Angie appeals to her unhappy daughter to believe that she and Jesse only want to help her get through a difficult time.

Downstairs, Jesse glumly admits to Tad how he's starting to regret accepting the job as chief of police. Annie is unnerved by yet another vision of a taunting Richie.

Concerned about Colby, Krystal checks the girl's water bottle to make sure it doesn't contain vodka. Tad and Jesse discuss a long list of folks who had a motive to murder Richie and settle on the victim's sister as a prime suspect.

Foster and Babs dance down the aisle as their 1960's-themed ceremony begins. Ryan reminds Kendall that he's fully committed to his wife.

Babs urges Greenlee not to waste another moment apart from the love of her life. Angie advises a petulant Cass to take it slow where Dre is concerned. Colby snaps at Krystal for treating her like an irresponsible child.

Ryan suggests to a beaming Annie that they renew their vows while they're in Vegas. Greenlee pops the question to Aidan.

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