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All My Children Recap
Thursday, August 21

Today on All My Children:

Adam plots to steal Fusion out from under his son once JR takes the company from its current owners. Taylor jumps to the wrong conclusion after overhearing Jake's teasing phone conversation with Aidan.

Greenlee and Kendall meet their new employee and immediately decide to turn Randi into the new face of Fusion.

Meanwhile, Fletcher warns Frankie that Randi will suffer dire consequences unless he coughs up some cash. Krystal cautions JR not to assume he automatically knows what her daughter wants for her future career.

Babe is floored when Kendall and Greenlee casually dismiss all the work she's done while they were away.

As he examines Taylor's injured foot, Jake is puzzled by her open new attitude towards him. Outraged when Fletcher threatens his mother and sister, Frankie vows to kill the pimp if he ever touches Angie or Cass.

Adam looks forward to publicly humiliating JR with a well-timed business coup. The drama at Fusion intensifies as Annie tears into both Greenlee and Kendall.

Krystal tells a grateful JR she believes he and Babe can make it this time around. Annie abruptly quits her job. Randi explains to Amanda why she has no intention of becoming a model.

Joe encourages Jake to take a little time for a personal life.

Anxious to be cleared for redeployment, Taylor hides her condition from the military doctor. Amanda calls Jake's bluff and dresses in full pirate garb for their meeting at Confusion.

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