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All My Children
August 20, 2008

Today on All My Children ...

Jesse admits to Angie that he should have made more of an effort with Cassandra.

Erica urges Carmen to jump into the dating scene, then is taken aback when her friend hesitantly reveals how she accepted a dinner invitation from Jackson.

Greenlee plans a romantic surprise for her new husband

Annie furiously accuses Kendall of keeping Spike away from her on purpose. Jake decides the time has come to find a new place to live.

Cass bitterly informs her mother she is heading back to Paris no matter what Jesse says. Zach and Ryan are forced to step in when a snarling Annie attempts to throw down with Kendall.

Greenlee reminds Jake that running away from his problems won't solve them. Cass apologizes to Jesse for going off on him earlier and is pleased when he offers to help her see Dre.

Carmen assures Erica she would never even consider moving in on Jackson if there's any flicker of romance left between the former spouses.

Meanwhile, Jack confides to Greenlee how much he's been enjoying Carmen's company. Though Dre suggests they run off to France together, Cassandra balks at ruining his life by turning him into a fugitive.

Erica cautions Carmen that Jack is merely using her to make his ex jealous. Ryan loses patience with his wife's constant harping.

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All My Children
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