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All My Children
August 25, 2008

Today on All My Children:

Annie offers Adam her help with his scheme to take Fusion over. Jesse tries to cheer Angie up as she frets about her daughter returning to Paris.

Cassandra and Dre finalize their plans to run away together and disappear in Canada. Kendall and Greenlee show Ryan concrete proof that his wife knew all along he had never received a vasectomy.

Erica cautions an irked Jackson that Carmen has been with a lot of different men over the years. Across town, Carmen eagerly prepares for her big date.

Ryan berates Greenlee and Kendall for breaking into Annie's post office box and snooping into the Laverys' private lives.

Cass says her goodbyes to her mother and Jesse.

Erica accuses Jack of pursuing Carmen simply to get back at her for getting involved with Samuel. Though Kendall and Greenlee both urge Ryan to leave his wife, he continues to stubbornly defend Annie's motivations.

Adam decides to lure Erica to the Yacht Club to witness her ex-husband wining and dining her new best friend. After Kendall departs, Greenlee again entreats Ryan to reach for the happiness he deserves.

Cassandra is overwhelmed with guilt when a tearful Angie remarks that at least their farewells aren't forever.

Later, Dre and Cass agree they cannot go off together after all. Ryan confronts Annie with the envelope from the clinic.

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All My Children
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