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All My Children
Tuesday, July 26
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Today on All My Children ...

Kendall finally fills Greenlee in on the fact that Ryan doesn't love his wife because he's still carrying a torch for his old flame.

Meanwhile, Ryan icily demands an explanation from Annie. Kathy has a nightmare about her dad being poisoned by Krystal.

As Erica and Adam arrive at the Yacht Club, Carmen bitterly assumes that Jack really was just using her to make his ex jealous.

Rattled to learn that Ryan loves her, Greenlee points out to Kendall how she's devoted herself to Aidan.

Annie defends her actions by reminding her husband how their marriage was on the verge of falling apart before she got pregnant.

Adam enjoys watching Erica seethe while Carmen accuses Jackson of being no better than the sleazy former boyfriend who sent her to prison.

Kathy runs to Tad for comfort upon awakening from her bad dream. Taylor bumps into Jake as she moves into Jamie's old apartment.

Erica bickers with Jack, who declares he has no intention of sitting home and pining away for her.

Though grateful for her invitation to spend the night, Jake is puzzled by Taylor's cheerful remarks about him being no threat to her virtue.

Kendall prods Greenlee to admit that she wants Ryan and always will. Kathy whispers to a baffled Tad that she'll save him.

Haunted by another vision of her late brother, Annie nervously assures Ryan she isn't hiding any more secrets.

Jake sets Taylor straight about his sexual orientation.

Jackson promises Carmen the only reason he asked her out is because he truly wanted to spend time with her.

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