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  • Today on All My Children, Greenlee has an out-of-body experience in which she encounters Erica, Aidan, Zach, Jack and Kendall and is able to be completely honest with each of her loved ones.
  • Angie jumps into action when Greenlee's condition deteriorates further and she flatlines.
  • Ryan (Cameron Mathison) can't remember the last four years of his life, including the fact he's married to Annie (Melissa Claire Egan).
  • Babe is proud of the changes JR is making in his life.
  • Stuart urges Adam to be truthful with JR, but Adam feels too betrayed to reach out to his son.
  • Tad and Angie share sweet, fond memories of Jesse.
  • Tad thinks he sees a glimpse of Jesse while sitting by Frankie's bedside.
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