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PART ONE: As All My Children gets underway, Pam urges Erica to put Senate candidate Samuel Woods on an upcoming episode of "New Beginnings." Ryan and Annie angrily confront Richie about the way he pressured their young daughter to become his bone marrow donor. Still oblivious to the fact that his father is secretly listening in on everything he says, JR heads to his meeting with Krystal. At the hospital, Greenlee agrees to undergo the experimental treatment despite the potential risk.

PART TWO: Jesse returns to sit vigil beside Frankie's bed. Ryan orders his brother-in-law to make things right with Emma. Krystal nervously suggests to JR that they abandon their dangerous scheme but he refuses to give up until he's unearthed the truth about Kate. Kendall, Zach and Aidan (Aiden Turner) continue to lend a grateful Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) their moral support. Later, Lily's visit touches her sister deeply. Jesse yearns to explain to his family why he left them so long ago.

PART THREE: Adam grows enraged to hear JR telling Tad how he's always been his real father. Samuel's reluctance to appear on her show makes Erica grimly determined to get him signed as a guest. An emotional Jesse listens from his hiding place as Angie prays for him to help save their son. While Tad enjoys an evening babysitting Kathy, a vengeful Adam burns the adoption certificate proving the little girl's true identity. Upon awakening, Ryan fails to recognize his wife and daughter.

All My Children
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