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PART I: Today on All My Children, Jesse ducks into hiding when an emotional Angie shows up on Tad's doorstep. Annie indulges in a sweet daydream about Ryan regaining his memory, then is pleased when he presents her with a Valentine's Day bouquet to kick off their "first date." Samuel's appearance on "New Beginnings" sends Pam gushing over the U.S. attorney while Erica (Susan Lucci) enjoys her guest's flirtations. In Chicago, a flustered Kendall hides the home pregnancy test from Zach.

PART II: Annie brings Ryan to Confusion in hopes that an evening spent in familiar surroundings will jog some recollections. Samuel explains to his hostess why he's determined to level the field for Americans struggling through tough times. Returning home to find Tad chatting with Angie, Krystal invites their obviously distraught guest to stay and talk. Later, Jesse secretly hangs on every word as Angie describes for Krystal how she and her late husband fell in love and defied the odds to tie the knot and start a life together.

PART III: Annie assures Ryan he'll remember both of his children one day. Zach coaxes his queasy wife to join him for dinner at a local pizzeria. Angie tearfully confides to Krystal that she can't make peace with her loss. Meanwhile, down in the basement, Tad tries to calm an agitated Jesse. Zach tells Kendall he would love to have more kids with her. Krystal coaxes Angie to spend the night. Annie's date with Ryan ends with a platonic kiss on the cheek. Zach and Kendall hurry back to their hotel room and make love.

All My Children
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