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PART ONE: Standing by Frankie's bed, Jesse tearfully reminds his son how much he loves him. Annie's concern about her husband's unusual behavior deepens when he momentarily forgets Emma's name. At the hospital, Joe confides to Zach how Greenlee and Frankie's organs are systematically shutting down. Meanwhile, Angie is forced to intubate Greenlee after she begins gasping for air.

PART TWO: Kendall explains to Zach how Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) went behind her back. Angie assumes her ailing son has been hallucinating when he insists Jesse was present. JR covers with a hasty lie after Adam catches him rifling through the desk. Annie presses a reluctant Ryan to see a shrink. Tad joins Aidan and Jackson's vigil while Kendall tries to cheer Greenlee with gifts to brighten her stay.

PART THREE: Adam offers JR the chance to make his dream about an on-line network come true. Jackson reiterates to Kendall how much her friendship means to his daughter. Jesse promises Frankie he'll stay beside him every step of the way. Disappointed to learn that his sister is not a match as a bone marrow donor, Richie turns his focus back towards little Emma. Greenlee suffers another setback.

All My Children
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