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All My Children
Tuesday, July 8
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Today on All My Children ...

Aidan admits to Greenlee that he still has a key to her apartment.

Jesse tells Angie he's not convinced that Richie's death was a simple hit-and-run. Ryan begins making arrangements for burying his brother-in-law next to Annie's late mother.

Kendall assures Zach she knows he had nothing to do with Richie's demise. Jake moves his things into Greenlee's place and immediately begins yanking his roommate's chain about her broken engagement.

Krystal confides to the Hubbards how relieved she is to know that her daughter can never again be menaced by Richie. Meanwhile, Dre and Cass are shaken to see the headlines in the morning paper.

JR helps Colby keep their dad in the dark about her coming home drunk the night before. Babe is appalled when her mother confesses how she shared a kiss with Adam.

Kendall notices that Annie is no longer wearing her wedding ring. Jake advises Greenlee to forgive and forget where Aidan is concerned. Annie's story begins to ring false to Zach's ears.

Adam presses Krystal to give in to her obvious feelings for him. Babe decides to stay on at the Chandler mansion. Aidan charms Greenlee with a unique declaration of love.

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