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All My Children
June 16 Recap

Today on All My Children ...

After preventing Richie from leaving the hospital, Zach realizes he may have found the creep who ran him down with JR's car several months ago.

Kendall encourages her surprised brother to take Greenlee back to bed. Ryan returns home to discover the remains of a romantic dinner smashed onto the floor.

Meanwhile, Annie icily warns Greenlee to find a man of her own and leave Ryan alone. JR explains to Zach how Richie drugged him and siphoned his bone marrow.

Josh guesses that Kendall has an ulterior motive for suggesting he have more sex with her former best friend.

Though Greenlee insists she doesn't want Ryan, Annie accuses her of trying to destroy the Laverys' marriage yet again. Treena agrees to give the police her statement.

Meanwhile, Zach slips into Richie's hospital room and utters several thinly veiled threats. Egged on by Josh, Kendall decides to take another stab at mending fences with Greenlee.

Annie tells Ryan how much she hates the fact that he seems to connect with every woman from his past except her.

Later, hoping to prove he does care, Ryan swoops his delighted wife up into his arms and carries her into the bedroom. JR and Babe are thrilled when a warrant is issued forcing Richie to give up a DNA sample.

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