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All My Children
Episode Recap
Thurs., June 19

Today on All My Children, Greenlee tells Aidan she'll always be grateful for the way he saved her life.

A worried Angie confides to Krystal how she and Jesse have been fighting.

Tad enjoys making up for lost time with Kathy.

Though Erica is bubbling over with enthusiasm following the taping of her new show, Carmen rues the fact that she's accomplished nothing in her life.

Barry brings Adam proof that JR was behind all the bad publicity about his father's "breakdown."

Randi reminds Frankie that she's not interested in him because she's already in a relationship. Aidan explains to Greenlee how he's taking Tad up on his offer to own the detective agency outright.

Later, Aidan is dismayed to learn that Greenlee and Josh have hit the sheets. Erica encourages Carmen to believe in herself because her future is bright.

Randi vehemently denies being abused, then threatens to slap Frankie with a restraining order if he doesn't stop harassing her.

With her 18th birthday fast approaching, Colby contemplates leaving Pine Valley before she becomes just like her dad.

Greenlee makes it clear to Aidan that she cannot forgive his betrayal.

JR promises a beaming Tad he'll always look after his little sister.

Jack informs an astonished Carmen that she's going to be released on bail while awaiting a new trial. Jesse reaches a decision about his career.

What happens next on All My Children? Find out tomorrow!

All My Children
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