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All My Children
Episode Recap
June 20, 2008

Today, on All My Children ...

Jackson encourages his daughter to give Aidan another chance. At the hospital, Jake regretfully informs Ryan that a complication may eliminate him as a candidate for the experimental surgery.

Jesse tells a thrilled Angie he's accepted the position of professor of criminology at Pine Valley University. Zach admits to Kendall how he can't stop thinking about the damage Richie has done to their family.

Meanwhile, Annie pays a visit to her brother's jail cell.

Surprised to hear Jesse's news, Frankie wonders aloud if his dad will really be happy spending the rest of his life in a classroom.

Meanwhile, Cass reminds Angie that Jesse only changed his career because of her. Greenlee explains to Jack why her fiance's betrayal has shattered her trust.

Richie threatens to expose Annie's secret unless she coughs up his bail money. Ryan decides to reassess his chances of retrieving his memory now that his life could hang in the balance.

Zach yearns to punish Richie by giving him a taste of his own medicine but a worried Kendall begs her husband not to play vigilante.

Annie agrees to bail Richie out in exchange for him making sure that Greenlee can never again get between her and Ryan.

Jesse assures Cass he has no regrets about giving up law enforcement. Frankie is appalled to find a badly beaten Randi back in the ER.

Zach makes arrangements for a private tete-a-tete with a flustered Richie.

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