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All My Children
June 23, 2008
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Today on All My Children, when Frankie claims that she's a waitress and not a streetwalker, Jesse and Angie are concerned when the officers who brought Randi in tell of all the condoms they found on her after discovering her in front of a by-the-hour motel.

Told he turned down the chief's job so he has no right to question them, Jesse gets some grief when the cops hesitate answering his questions.

They eventually tell Jesse the name Fletcher, a pimp who may have beaten Randi. Annie assures a concerned Amanda that she is fine where her brother is concerned but Amanda talks about the guilt she still feels because of her mother.

Taking Ryan out for a sail, Greenlee admits how confused she is after Aidan's kiss. Ryan points out that Annie's afraid that he could get his memory back and realize that he's not in love with her.

He also leaks that the surgery that could bring back his memory may also kill him. Babe's upset at work when Kendall refuses to make a decision about her roll out plan without consulting Greenlee first.

Kendall suggests that she's upset because of Richie but she announces loudly to the staff that she didn't sleep with the guy. Annie tells Kendall she agrees that Greenlee needs to be back in the office on a regular basis.

Left alone with Richie, Zach beats him bloody but isn't satisfied. He's surprised to find Myrtle waiting for him back in the office.

Seeing his bruised hands, Myrtle warns him about suffering the consequences of his actions. Aidan's amused to see a beaten Richie back in his cell and reminds him that today was supposed to be his wedding day.

Richie mumbles that he did not try to kill Greenlee. Aidan warns that if he gets out, there are plenty of others who would do the same thing to him.

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All My Children
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