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All My Children
Episode Recap, 3/25/08

Today on All My Children, Ryan continues to pretend his memory of his time with Annie is starting to return.

Greenlee is on the verge of panic after learning that ten thousand bottles of Fusion's new fragrance have been shipped with the wrong name on the label.

Following the crash of the prison van, Carmen and Erica discover that guards have been knocked unconscious.

With help from Aidan and Ryan, Greenlee and Annie work to prevent bottles of "Harm" perfume from hitting the retail shelves. Kendall frets about her mother despite Zach's assurances that Erica Kane can handle herself in any situation. Carmen steals one of the guard's guns, then drags a protesting Erica from the demolished van.

Annie asks Ryan to keep mum about the progress he's made in overcoming his amnesia. Derek advises Samuel to beware Erica's wrath once she's free again. Grimly determined to track down her former fiancee and take her revenge, Carmen threatens to shoot Erica unless she cooperates. Waking from a nightmare about her mom, Kendall feels certain something has gone awry.

Samuel and Derek rush to the scene of the accident. After letting it slip that she and Ryan shared a kiss, Greenlee admits to an enraged Annie how she persuaded Ryan to fake his "miraculous" sudden recall. Erica attempts to convince Carmen that killing the man who did her wrong will only destroy what's left of her future.

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All My Children
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