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All My Children recap
March 24, 2008

Kendall and Zach come to the precinct house to say bye to Erica as she and Carmen prepare to be transferred to federal prison. Krystal again tries to calm a fretful Angie when she wonders why they still haven't heard from their husbands. Meanwhile, at the hangar, Robert tells Tad and Jesse that he's with the FBI and has been hot on the trail of a vicious drug lord for years.

Greenlee assures her father she's perfectly happy with Aidan but Jackson points out how she keeps getting drawn back to Ryan time and time again. Erica quietly reminds Kendall not to risk ruining her marriage to such a great guy by spending too much time with either Ryan or Aidan. Claiming he was working undercover to collar Rafael, Robert promises Jesse he's in the clear now that the man pursuing him has been shot dead.

Later, Angie weeps tears of joy to learn that Frankie and Jesse are both safe at last. A relieved Adam thanks Robert for rescuing Colby, Tad continues to eye his "heroic" uncle with suspicion. The van carrying Erica and Carmen to prison runs into trouble on the road. Zach and Kendall enjoy a romantic evening at home.

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All My Children
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