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All My Children
Episode Guide, 3/27/08

Today on All My Children, Samuel pulls out all the stops in the manhunt for the two escaped prisoners. Tad prods his partner for details about the trip to Los Angeles but Aidan sidesteps his questions about guarding Kendall. Annie gives Greenlee the cold shoulder at Fusion. Jackson berates Samuel for putting Erica's life in jeopardy by chaining her to an obviously violent woman.

Erica gets nowhere trying to dissuade Carmen from killing Armando. Tad cautions Aidan not to get himself any more deeply immersed in the chaos swirling around Kendall and company. Greenlee again apologizes to an angry Annie for giving her husband such lousy advice. Ryan consoles Kendall as she frets about her missing mom.

Aidan assures Tad that he and Greenlee are doing fine. Erica relates for Carmen how her storybook romance with Jack hit some bumps along the way. Ryan sheepishly admits to Kendall why he only pretended to be recovering his memory. A seething Jackson warns Samuel he'll hold him personally responsible if anything happens to Erica. Forcing a smile, Annie agrees to forgive Greenlee but privately vows to take her revenge.

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