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All My Children
March 4, 2008
Episode Recap

Part I
"Uncle" Robert Gardner introduces himself to a wary Tad as Ray's long-lost brother. Though his doctor warns that recovering from the bone marrow transplant could take months, Richie remains determined to get cracking on the rest of his master plan. In Los Angeles, Aidan commends a shaken Kendall for fending off her attacker. Tad reminds Robert why he has no interest in reconnecting with his biological father's family.

Part II
Unmoved by JR's obvious pain and distress, Babe feels certain her lying ex is suffering only from the effects of a massive hangover. Tad and Angie brainstorm with Jesse about the possible identity of the people pursuing him. Meanwhile, Robert continues to close in on his prey. Kendall tells Aidan why she doesn't want her husband to know about the attempted rape yet. Krystal tells Tad about her creepy encounter with his uncle. JR plants a kiss on Babe in an effort to end their argument...

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All My Children
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