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All My Children
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March 5, '08

On today's All My Children, Kendall's week goes from bad to worse when Aidan regretfully informs her that her mother has pled guilty to insider trading and is facing a prison term. Samuel agrees to meet with Adam at his home. Erica explains to Zach why she wants him to handle her business while she's incarcerated.

Annie is all smiles after waking up next to Ryan. Greenlee, Amanda and Babe begin interviewing for a new office assistant at Fusion but quickly become frustrated by a long parade of incompetent candidates. Dre is unpleasantly surprised to come face to face with his father after finding Samuel in the Chandlers' living room.

Later, Samuel implores his son to tell him how they can get their family relationship back on track. Ryan conceals from Annie the fact that he's having memories of his days with Kendall. Kendall reminds Aidan how close she came to being raped. Annie dares to hope that she, Ryan and Emma will soon be a family once more.

Erica keeps mum when Zach assures her that he and his wife have no secrets between them anymore. Dre bitterly accuses Samuel of constantly using other people's misfortunes to further his own political ambitions. Ryan decides to catch up with Kendall. Colby eavesdrops on Adam. Annie fills in Greenlee on how she and Ryan hooked up.

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