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All My Children
Episode Guide, 5.5.08

Today on All My Children, Annie sabotages Fusion's presentation for the Japanese businessmen by inserting footage of Kendall and Greenlee pole dancing. Greenlee would fire Annie on the spot but to everyone's dismay, and Annie's disappointment, the businessmen are won over by the presentation and award Fusion a major contract. Annie kisses Ryan but then walks away frustrated over the fact they are "just friends."

Zach explains the situation in Darfur to Ryan, since it was during Ryan's control of Cambias that they began funding medical aid operations. Ryan seems to be his old self as he and Zach work together to come up with a plan to help Aidan rescue Jake. Jake has a chance to escape but chooses to save the life of the rebel leader instead.

Rob narrowly avoids being discovered by Colby and Cassandra as they pack up for a sleepover at the Chandler mansion. Rob finds Cassandra's sketchbook and finds a drawing of a stuffed elephant which houses the diamond he seeks.

Adam thinks his medication is causing hallucinations of Dixie. Dixie makes it clear she's a very real ghost and is here to make sure Adam reunites Tad and their daughter Kate. She tells Adam she's not giving up. When Colby seems Adam talking to air (really Dixie), she gets worried. Meanwhile, Angie can clearly see that Krystal still cares about Adam. Tad gets a lead on Dr. Madden's assistant, Hazel, which he believes could lead him to Kate.

What happens next? Find out in our All My Children spoilers!

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