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Pete plays peacemaker when Colby puts her dad on notice before they leave for the funeral. Krystal and JR share their grief as they face a future without Babe.

Wallowing in self-pity, Taylor snarls at Amanda when she stops by the hospital to visit. With no new leads in Emma's disappearance, Greenlee urges Ryan and Annie to go to the police.

Following the surgery, David tells a devastated Bianca and Zach that Kendall will most likely never regain consciousness.

JR's heart breaks as little A asks when his mommy is coming home from heaven. Ryan receives instructions from the kidnapper for the ransom drop.

Facing Zach's wrath, Jake continues to defend his decision to operate on Kendall despite the blackout.

David leases the Wildwind estate and settles in. Greenlee convinces Ryan to obtain a tracking device to put in with the money.

Afterwards, Annie bitterly accuses Greenlee of harboring a secret desire to see Emma dead. Joe refuses to accept Jake's resignation.

Zach apologizes to Taylor and offers to pay all her medical expenses but she icily advises him to butt out of her life. At the funeral parlor, Stuart presents Krystal with a portrait of her daughter.

Later, Babe's family and friends remember her fondly with loving eulogies. Jake prods Taylor not to give up hope. Reese and Miranda finally land in Pine Valley.

Following the service, JR opens the casket lid to place Babe's wedding ring on her finger and kiss her goodbye just as David arrives and demands a few minutes with his daughter.

Reese meets baby Gabrielle for the first time. Annie slips away with the cash before Ryan and Greenlee return.

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