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Joe warns Erica that her daughter needs surgery. Aidan tells Annie and Ryan the live feed from the kidnapper proves that Emma is still safe.

David informs an outraged JR he intends to sue for full custody of little A. After learning that a thoracic surgeon won't be available for hours, Erica frantically insists that David be allowed to operate on Kendall.

A seething Ryan blasts Aidan for interfering with his efforts to reclaim Emma.

Later, Ryan promises Annie he'll do whatever he must to raise the ten million dollars. Bianca tries to reassure a guilt-ridden Zach that Kendall's precarious condition is not his fault.

Krystal bristles upon hearing David's plans to put his hooks into their grandson. Greenlee thanks Aidan for helping in the search for Emma.

Annie panics when Ryan comes up far short of the amount required to meet the ransom demand.

Krystal, Adam and JR debate the best way to defang David. Sitting beside her sister's hospital bed, Bianca recalls Kendall's expressed fear that her marriage was on the rocks.

Over Ryan's objections, Annie asks Greenlee for the remaining eight million dollars they need.

As he heads into the OR, David icily reminds Zach of the debt he's owed. Annie witnesses a tender moment between Greenlee and Ryan.

Bianca considers naming her new baby "Gabrielle."

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