Under Attack - All Rise
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Robin and Lola made up and are having sex in bed.

Collier visits Amy at work to find out why she lied.

Mark and Amy argue that she lied about her already signed divorce papers.

Teddy messed up and put Gloria's name instead of Maddy's on the search warrant.

DA Bravo is upset that the wrong name ended on the search warrant. Emily thinks they should also give it to the Feds because she's worried for Maddy.

Leo sees Ness on the stairs and stabs her. She rolls down the stairs.

Lola chastises Andre for always making her courtroom a circus.

Brandon threatens Lola, saying it's not a good idea to keep him in jail.

Mark interviews a social media expert to decipher Brandon's games about the robbery.

Sara and Teddy see Leo posted a video telling Brandon's fans to fight like hell.

Brandon nation gets through security and sets off a firecracker. Emily and Maddy get locked in the prep room. Luke keeps them informed.

Security stops the trial and rushes Lola to her chambers. She blames Andre for the chaos.

Lola confronts Andre about why he left her 20 years ago.

Amy tries to help Ness, but she's fading fast. Amy calls Mark, sobbing about Ness.

Teddy and Sara get separated. He runs into Leo.

Leo tricks Emily into opening the door and tries to take Maddy. Luke is right behind him, and a gunfight ensues. Luke has a flesh wound.

The sheriff arrests Leo. Emily and Luke reunite. Mark and Amy reconcile.

Mark agrees to let the Feds handle the case. Mark finds that Teddy was shot.

Lola nearly faints, and Andre takes advantage by comforting and kissing her. Robin sees it.

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All Rise Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Collier: Why haven’t you told him that divorce papers were signed? Been signed? Is there something I should know about? Are you having second thoughts?
Amy: No. I wanted to make sure you were okay first.

Lola: How did it go with your parents?
Sherri: Well, I wasn't allowed to see them.
Lola: Then try again. This can wait.
Sherri: No, you don't understand.
Lola: No, I don't understand, but you are worried, which makes me worried, so go and try again. I'll be fine here.