All Rise Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Fire and Rain

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Brandon nation turned things upside down.

Brandon Page thought he controlled the city, and on All Rise Season 3 Episode 10, his followers controlled the courthouse, leaving two lives in balance.

The Smash and Grab case proved how dangerous social media is when used for cult purposes.

Under Attack - All Rise

The overwhelming chaos on All Rise Season 3 Episode 9 caught up to Teddy and Mark when Teddy wrote the wrong Hernandez sister's name on the search warrant.

The Feds and DA Bravo breathing down his neck made Mark's job even more demanding. He needed to prove to Lola she made the right choice giving him the case.

DDA Mark Callan - All Rise Season 3 Episode 10

Mark took the heat for the mistake, never incriminating Teddy. However, when Teddy offered to resign, Mark wouldn't let him and ordered him to find more evidence proving that Brandon was guilty.

Poor Teddy was so nervous. He hated having Mark mad at him. He and Sara got lucky when they found Brandon's social media and discovered every board game listed a location of where the next robbery would take place.

Proving this theory was harder because Andre disputed that Brandon never mentioned a robbery.

In many ways, Brandon had created a cult. His followers would follow his directions blindly, even when his second-in-command, Leo, tells them to fight like hell.

Let’s just say the Brandon nation is very protective, and I don’t know how they’ll react to the uncool treatment of me.


Finding Evidence - All Rise Season 3 Episode 10

Brandon nation storms the courthouse to save their leader. It's terrifying how far they'll follow him.

Maddy is terrified. She used to be in this cult, and she knew too much. She's terrified of what they'll do to her, and that feeling intensified when she heard shots fired from inside the courthouse.

When Brandon nation attacked, and the Feds showed up, they thought they could have prevented it. I'm relieved Mark decided to hand Brandon over to the Feds in the end and pray he receives a harsh sentence.

However, maybe if both sides worked together instead, there wouldn't have been a scared teenager and possible lives lost.

Keeping Maddie Safe - All Rise Season 3 Episode 10

Emily has always been street smart. What possessed her to open the door without checking for identification?

Thankfully, Luke was right behind Leo to save the day. But, Maddy had to have been traumatized by seeing Leo and then seeing a gunfight in front of her.

That young teen has seen more violence than she needed to in her lifetime.

Hopefully, she and Gloria can finally be reunited.

Ness is Dying - All Rise Season 3 Episode 10

Throughout "Fire and Rain," signs indicated a character's death. I suspected Ness would die early on since she was bleeding out from her stab wound.

It seemed so unfair that Ness got stabbed when she finally passed the bar. Since she was so far removed from the action, it took forever for her to be found.

Surprisingly, she was still hanging on the way to the hospital. In the final minutes, Mark found that Teddy was stabbed and barely hanging on in Sara's arms.

After Teddy messed up, he wanted to make things right with Mark. I don't want to lose either, but I love the rapport that Teddy, Mark, and Sara share. Wilson Bethel(Mark)recently commented on working with Ronak Gandhi.

Long-waited Reunion - All Rise Season 3 Episode 10

Tragedy bringing couples together is an overdone trope. It's even been used before for Luke and Emily in All Rise Season 2.

Luke: Em, I love you.
Emily: I love you too, Watkins.

However, we're thrilled Luke and Emily finally reunited. They have a special connection where they always support each other.

They proved that again when they both tried to save the other from Leo. All Luke cared about was getting to Emily and Maddy in time.

We can't wait to see some romance and happier times for them in the second half of All Rise Season 3.

Lola vs. Andre - All Rise Season 3 Episode 10

However, Andre took advantage of being locked in Lola's chambers. They needed to hash out their past relationship, but then he crossed a line.

While Lola shouldn't have blamed him for everything Brandon did, Andre's clients bring chaos, and he does not choose moral clients.

Andre made a colossal mistake, making everything about their relationship, stating he should never have let Lola go.

Where does he get off saying that? Lola is a happily married woman!

Lola: You don’t get to rewrite history. Not today.
Andre: I just didn’t think I would be enough for you.
Lola: Don’t say that. I was the one that tried to make it work.
Andre: Think about it. If I would’ve been enough for you, you never would have left me in the first place!
Lola: You ended it! You did. You decided your path was the only path and you never looked back.

Comfort or More? - All Rise Season 3 Episode 10

Andre has hinted at his intentions for several weeks, but he crossed the line. Just as he confessed his feelings, Judge Lasky came to check on Lola.

His admission could cost Lola her career if the other judges decide to play dirty.

He may have also cost Lola her marriage. When Lola almost fainted from the stress of the day, Andre comforted her, but then he kissed her.

In pure cliffhanger fashion, Robin saw the kiss. Will this be the final straw?

Lola's Breakdown - All Rise Season 3 Episode 10

Now that we're halfway through All Rise Season 3 let's discuss how the new format on OWN worked.

I appreciated delving into the characters' personal lives and seeing them at home.

We've gotten more character insights and different friendship dynamics while keeping the favorites like Lola and Mark and Sara and Emily prevalent and strong.

I'm not crazy about messing with Lola's marriage, as it's been a mainstay. However, I'm curious to see where this goes next.

Judge Lasky - All Rise Season 3 Episode 10

Over to you, All Risers Fanatics. Do you think Ness or Teddy will survive?

Were you disappointed that Lola and Andre kissed? Chime in below with your thoughts.

Remember, if you missed an episode, you could watch All Rise online via TV Fanatic.

All Rise will return with new episodes on OWN in 2023.

Fire and Rain Review

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All Rise Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Collier: Why haven’t you told him that divorce papers were signed? Been signed? Is there something I should know about? Are you having second thoughts?
Amy: No. I wanted to make sure you were okay first.

Lola: How did it go with your parents?
Sherri: Well, I wasn't allowed to see them.
Lola: Then try again. This can wait.
Sherri: No, you don't understand.
Lola: No, I don't understand, but you are worried, which makes me worried, so go and try again. I'll be fine here.