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Marilyn Miglin is a top selling fragrance designer on HSN. Upon arriving home to Chicago, her husband Lee fails to pick her up from the airport. When she returns home she notices something is off and her neighbors investigate before calling the police. Soon after the police find her husbands dead body in the garage.

Flashing back to a week earlier, Lee and Marilyn are shown as being in a loving, supportive marriage. When Marilyn leaves for the weekend, Andrew Cunanan comes to the Miglin's home as an escort for Lee.

After showing Andrew new designs for a building, the two retreat to the garage where Andrew covers his face in tape. He then proceeds to kill Lee by hitting him over the head with a cement block and stabbing him in the chest. Afterwards, he makes himself a sandwich and shaves before stealing Lee's car.

When the police find Lee he is wearing women's underwear and his body is surrounded by pornographic magazines. The police and Marilyn hope to keep this information under wraps. Marilyn wants it to be believed that Lee's death was random.

Once the police discover they can trace the stolen car to the phone inside, they believe they have a drop on Cunanan. However, it soon leaks publicly that they are able to track Cunanan and he decides to ditch the vehicle.

He follows a man to a cemetery and shoots him in the head before leaving in his truck.

American Crime Story: Versace
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