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Andrew Cunanan is staying at David Madson's apartment in Minneapolis. When the buzzer sounds, Andrew tells David that he's invited their mutual friend Jeff Trail over.

David goes downstairs to let Jeff into the building and when they walk into the apartment, Andrew attacks Jeff with a hammer, killing him.

A shellshocked David takes a shower with Andrew and later Andrew forces him to stay in the bedroom with him.

The next day, David tries to leave by taking the dog for a walk, but Andrew decides to join him. After manipulating David into believing that they would both be implicated in Jeff's murder, the two escape in David's jeep.

The police arrive at David's and at first mistakenly believe that David is the victim, forcing them to leave the scene and come back with a search warrant.

On the run, David attempts to escape but is thwarted by Andrew. David begins to breakdown and calls Andrew out on his behavior, causing Andrew to lose it. He pulls the car over and holds David at gunpoint. After pleading, David attempts to run but Andrew shoots him in the back and the head.

Andrew lies next to David's dead body for awhile before escaping in the jeep.

American Crime Story: Versace
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American Crime Story: Versace Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Andrew: When the police open the door, they'll see two suspects, not two victims.
David: I had nothing to do with this.
Andrew: They won't believe you.

Jeff: He took something from my new apartment.
David: Yeah. What'd he take?
Jeff: My gun.

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