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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 5, Russ and Mark go through Matt and Gwen's home to gather clothes for him to be buried in. Russ is shocked by the gruesome scenes, but he stays strong and is able to pick out a suit for Matt to be buried in. Matt's body is buried in Oakland, much to Barb's dismay, and when Barb tries ranting and raving about it to Mark he tries to change the subject by asking if their family will ever be normal.

Later, Mark decides to tell his mother he's engaged and he informs her she is a woman of color and he didn't want to tell Barb because of her views. Barb tries to deny being racist, but Mark paints a vivid picture of how much hate she has for people of color and he doesn't want his girlfriend to meet Barb unless she will be accepting. Barb's eyes become opened and she promises she will try to change. 

Carter is released on bail, but he must wear an anklet at all times. He tries to get his sister to stay with him and talk, but she has to leave. Aubry shows up on his door and this leads to destructive behavior especially when Aubry cuts Carter's anklet while he's asleep and convinces him they should run away to Canada together. Carter and Aubry go on the run, but they don't make it far before Aubry has a meltdown and needs to get drugs. They head back to Modesto and go to a drug dealer they know, but what Aubry doesn't know is Carter screwed the dealer over a few months ago and when he starts to beat Carter up Aubry swoops in and slashes the guys throat. Carter starts freaking out and at the apartment Aubry is doing drugs and acts like it isn't a big deal she killed someone, but Carter knows otherwise. Unfortunately things turn from bad to worse when Aubry overdoses on drugs and Carter cries over her dead body before being arrested.

American Crime
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