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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 6, following the revelation of Carter trying to make a run for it and Aubry being in the hospital recovering, Barb goes on live TV and fights to get justice for Matt. She tells the reporter she doesn't see how this case is different from other cases and feels like it's time to look at this case as what it is, a hate crime based on Matt being white. Barb defends her stance by saying she isn't racist and she in fact is welcoming to Mark's girlfriend who is Asian. Nancy backs up Barb and thinks what she's doing is exactly what needs to be done to get the case tried the proper way. In the end, the drug dealer who Carter assaulted comes forward and gives his statement to the police about how Carter beat him up and repeatedly used a racial slur which turned into more charges for Carter including the charge of a hate crime.

Meanwhile, Tony gets heavily involved with former gang members and finds himself out for revenge for what happened to Jenny. He decides to drink and do drugs and while in his drunken stupor he goes out and beats up the guy who hit Jenny while being videotaped. Tony doesn't see anything wrong with his actions and seems to be sure this won't come back to haunt him.

American Crime
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