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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 9, Aubry's mom makes the decision to go talk to Aliyah so they can come up with a plan to get Aubry and Carter away from each other once and for all. Aliyah agrees to let her mom talk with Carter in hopes this will help him change his mind. At first Carter doesn't want to talk with Aubry's mom, but she makes it a point to state how she feels and makes a compelling case about how they are not good for each other and if their relationship continues Aubry will end up dead. 

At the preliminary hearing, Hector gives his testimony and Carter is surprised to see him. Carter later decides to break things off with Aubry by sending her a the picture they have always coveted, but ripped in half. Aubry gets angry, but wants to send Carter a clear message. She gets the police, her lawyer and her mother together and Aubry confesses to killing Matt and hurting Gwen and even goes as far as telling a very clear picture of how she committed the crime and how they could find video evidence putting her at the scene. 

Meanwhile, in the juvenile facility, Tony is in class when Edgar finally snaps and Edgar tries to hurt the officers and the teacher. When they restrain him, he starts convulsing and Edgar is killed which causes Tony to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize he doesn't want this kind of life. Alonzo sells his business so he can get Tony a good lawyer who can actually help him get out. 

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