Extreme Measures - American Crime
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On the season finale of American Crime Season 2 Episode 10, Anne tried to convince Taylor to go ahead with a trial. Anne tells him, after a bunch of personal information is released on Leyland students, they have a better chance of keeping Taylor out of prison. Taylor still isn't convinced and talks to his lawyer about what would happen if he decided to take the plea. She lets him know he would probably get ten years in prison, but could possibly be released on good behavior. 

Meanwhile, the members of the Leyland basketball team are arrested after emails, and texts, are released which point to them being part of the hate crime on Taylor. Becca is also arrested for dealing drugs to various students including Taylor. Kevin and Eric both open up about what really happened when Taylor was contacted by Wes and LaShawn. Eric reveals Wes had threatened to beat him up if he didn't call up Taylor to trick him into meeting him in the park. The detectives inform Eric the only way to stay out of prison will be if he is willing to give his statement in front of a judge. Eric is unsure about it because he feared they might try to turn things around on him and make it sound like he was the one who was responsible for Wes's death.

In the end, while at court, the judge asks Taylor what he pleads, but we never get the answer to the question. 

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