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A bunch of migrant workers walk through the field. An intake officer of some sort asks one where he wants to go. The conversation is translate into Spanish and the man only wants to go to North Carolina.

The migrant workers are waved through as the cops are looking at a body of what appears to be one of them.

Elsewhere, a woman, Kamara, argues about her cable bill but has to leave to take care of a call. She seems to be a social worker of some sort, assigned to a teenage boy named Ishmael who is a male prostitute. Ishmael tells her he doesn''t have a pimp. His cousin takes care of him. He accuses Kamara of not caring. She tells him she does but she can't make him do anything.

A woman and man who own a farm lose a produce bid because it is not competetive. They realize they can't compete with migrant workers who work for $2/day and decide they need to get people in who will do the work for cheap.

A Hispanic man sees a boy walking on the side of the road and offers him a ride. The boy wants to walk all the way to Patterson, an hour away. The man offers him a job as a tomato picker and is offended when he laughs.

The man from the truck is dating a girl who is getting made up. The woman claims they are going to dinner with her boyfriend's sister, but it soon appears that she is engaging in prostitution with an older man who thinks she is too made up and looks like she is 30. He makes her take off the makeup while he watches.

The story goes back and forth between all of these scenarios. The farm couple argues over taking in the wife's wayward sister. The migrant worker seen at the beginning is told in Spanish that he is more or less owned by the foreman of the crew and that he will get money on Fridays as deemed appropriate. The prostitute, Shay, is arrested in a raid and Kamara gives her the same speech she gave Ishmael about wanting to help her.

American Crime
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American Crime Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Woman: I wish you had called me. I don't have anything.
Kamara: He's underage.
Woman: I have a woman whose boyfriend is threatening to kill her and her children. I really don't have anything.

Kamara: My name is Kamara. I want you to know you're not in trouble. I'm not with the police. Nobody wants to arrest you. We just want to arrest your pimp. I work with Project Open Road, an organization that works with victims -
Boy: I'm not a victim.