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Luis continued searching for his missing son. He asked another Latino immigrant, who told him he wasn't sure that Teo wasn't trouble but gave him a lead. When Luis went to the man that Teo had been rooming with, the man had him jumped and demanded to know why he was asking while his goon strangled him. A woman made the goon let Luis go. Luis finally told them that Teo was his son and was told that Teo had a falling out with his friend Itzel.

Luis visited Itzel. First the person who answered the door denied knowing where she or Teo was, but Luis refused to give up. He talked with Itzel, who was taking care of her baby, while the man who had answered the door translated. Itzel said that Teo made her happy and the boss didn't like that. She implied that the boss attempted to rape her. Teo defended her and was dragged away. She never saw him again.

Luis returned to the farm, where he witnessed a fistfight between Coy and Isaac that left Coy all bruised and bloody.

Meanwhile, Kimara suffered problems in both her personal and professional lives. She was called to the shelter where Shae was staying. Shae appeared to be making progress and even shared in group therapy that she missed her pimp because he protected her from her dad and dad's girlfriend, who forced her to have an abortion. But she was caught with a cell phone, which is against the rules. Shae said she stole the phone and the shelter director, Laura, was ready to kick her out. Kimara talked to her privately and Shae admitted she only stole the phone because she wanted a camera. Kimara was impressed with the photos Shae took and later sneaked her a phone and told her to hide it.

Kimara also visited Reggie, who told her he was not going to be her sperm donor. He didn't want to be a part-time dad to her baby and didn't want to take time away from his own family, even though Kimara pointed out his son was going to college and didn't need a lot of attention. Reggie said that Kimara was not going to be able to afford child care and was always going to be running after a client and not have time for the baby. Afterwards, Kimara saw a white guy and brown-skinned girl fighting in the market. She purposely bumped into the girl and gave her her card in case she needs it.

Diego didn't like that Isaac was hanging out with Coy a lot and giving him extra work and offering to pay him extra. Diego thought Coy, who had just found a Latina woman lying in the field, was lazy and just wanted to get high. Coy and Isaac hung out and Coy talked about almost dying from heroin five times. Isaac told Coy to value his life more and that many non-whites had died of crack abuse before there were any kinds of overdose-reversal drugs. Later, Diego kept kicking over  Coy's basket and making him pick up his produce again. Coy quit and was mad Isaac didn't stand up for him. 

Jeanette wanted to help prevent further fires on the farms. At first no one would let her. Eventually JD admitted this has been going on since he was a kid. She offered to help him get clean so he could run the farm properly and put a stop to this.

American Crime
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American Crime Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Diego: Who said you could pay him?
Isaac: He's working extra...
Diego: Who said you could pay him?
Isaac: He's just looking to make extra money.
Diego: You want him to stay high, you pay him so he can take his white-trash pills and stay lit up.
Isaac: You tell me you want him to work, then you say he's not working enough. What do you want me to do?
Diego: I want you to think. You let a druggie on the farm, you don't know what he's gonna do.

Jeannette: You have to look at -
Carson: I've done nothing but look. You've been putting them in front of my face day and night.
Jeannette: But those people who died -
Carson: They're not our responsibility. They weren't even on our property.
Jeannette: But you know how they lived.