On American Crime Season 3 Episode 3, Jeanette tried to get involved in fire-prevention efforts and Luis got bad news about what happened to his missing son.

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Luis continued investigating what happened to his son Teo on American Crime Season 3 Episode 3. His search hit a few more dead ends when another farmhand refused to talk about Teo and a man attacked him and almost killed him because Teo owed him money. Luis was undeterred. He wanted to find out what happened to his son even if it was bad news.

Luis' search finally led him to a young girl, Itzel, who was tending to a baby and didn't want to talk to him. Luis wanted the truth even if something bad had happened to Teo. Eventually, with the aid of a translator Itzel explained that she and Teo had been in love and she was too happy in the fields. When the field boss tried to rape her, Teo intervened. He was dragged off and never seen again. Luis wanted to know the boss' name. He then went back to the farm, where he ignored a fistfight between Coy and Isaac.

Meanwhile, Jeanette was equally determined to prevent future fires. She told Carson she wanted to help review what had happened. JD wouldn't let her but tried to offer her a different job so she could learn about the business. Jeanette persisted and JD finally admitted he hated the conditions on the farms and wanted to run them himself. Jeanette offered to help him get clean.

Finally, Kimara dealt with Shae breaking rules at the shelter by stealing a phone and heartbreak in her personal life.

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On American Crime Season 3 Episode 3, Coy witnesses a horrific incident that confirms his dark new reality, while Luis finds information about his missing son.

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American Crime Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Diego: Who said you could pay him?
Isaac: He's working extra...
Diego: Who said you could pay him?
Isaac: He's just looking to make extra money.
Diego: You want him to stay high, you pay him so he can take his white-trash pills and stay lit up.
Isaac: You tell me you want him to work, then you say he's not working enough. What do you want me to do?
Diego: I want you to think. You let a druggie on the farm, you don't know what he's gonna do.

Jeannette: You have to look at -
Carson: I've done nothing but look. You've been putting them in front of my face day and night.
Jeannette: But those people who died -
Carson: They're not our responsibility. They weren't even on our property.
Jeannette: But you know how they lived.