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Mr. Ibis tells the story of Nunyunnini in the new world, via voiceover. Nunyunnini is eventually forgotten.

Shadow and Laura reunite in his hotel room. At first, he doesn't believe she is real. He demands she explain about Robbie. But Shadow is not willing to forgive her, and she is rather blase about the fact that she cheated on and betrayed him.

 The two are interrupted by Mr. Wednesday knocking on Shadow's door. As they're arguing outside, cops pull up and they're both arrested for robbing the bank. Laura, meanwhile, stays behind in Shadow's motel room. 

Technical Boy leaves a club. Media (as David Bowie) intercepts him and demands that Technical Boy apologize to Wednesday and Shadow Moon.

At the police station, Wednesday and Shadow are interrogated separately. Shadow refuses to say anything, just asking for a lawyer. The officer interrogating him tells him that they were tipped off about their location (via a fax with their GPS coordinates) and suggests that Wednesday pissed off someone big. Wednesday sticks with his old man shtick. 

Mad Sweeney arrives in the motel room to demand the coin back from Laura. Laura beats the crap out of him easily, refusing to give the coin back. Laura needs to give the coin freely -- Mad can't just take it. Mad Sweeney reveals that Wednesday told him to pick a fight with Shadow at the bar where they met and that Wednesday (who he refers to as Grimnir) is not to be trusted, though Shadow trusts him. They fight, and Mad Sweeney tries to drown her under water. When cops bust into the room, Laura "plays dead" and Mad Sweeney is arrested.

At the police station, Shadow refuses to give up any information about Wednesday. They're put in the same room where Shadow demands to know who is after them. While they're in the interrogation room, they hear people dying outside. Media (as Marilyn Monroe) and Mr. World arrive, dragging along Technical Boy. They force him to offer a (not very sincere) apology to Shadow and Wednesday. They offer Mr. Wednesday a merger, providing a way for him to find his audience in the new era, for the name of Odin to be on a missile launching at North Korea. Mr. Wednesday turns down the offer.

As they leave the massacred police station, a giant tree creature attacks Shadow and follows them out. Mad Sweeney has been brought to the same station by the cops who arrested him for apparently killing Laura. After they go inside to investigate and die, he escapes the police car.

At the morgue, Laura busts out of the drawer, inadvertently killing the morgue attendant. She retrieves her clothes and leaves the morgue.

American Gods
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American Gods Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Laura: Hi, puppy.
Shadow: Hey... baby. The fuck you doing here?

Gods are great, but people are greater. For it is in their hearts that gods are born, and to their hearts that they return. Gods live and gods die. And soon enough, Nunyunnini was entirely forgotten.

Mr. Ibis