Life and Death - American Gods
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We're at the Dynasty casino, an Egyption theme. Laura was a blackjack dealer. There is a new gizmo, the suffler. She no longer has to shuffle. But she likes to shuffle.

She goes home and lets the cat, Dummy, outside, boils some egs and eats while reading a book. A fly buzzes overhead and she sprays him dead with Git Gone.

She goes outside and gets into the hot tub, lucky lady. Oddly, she puts the lid down and sprays Git Gone. The lid pops open. She's coughing.

When he tries a second trick, she stops him, shows him the cameras and tells him to play another hand and leave. He gives her the Ricky Whittle and does as she suggests.

But he's outside when she gets off of work. He wonders why she helped him. He's not good at robbing a casino. She saw him a mile off.

He wants her to be his partner. Nobody would expect someone who looks like her to do something like that. But he's not just joking. What he really wants is for her to take him the fuck home.

Girl likes it rough, and what could have been a romantic evening turns to something a little more risque while Dummy watched cartoons.

In the morning, they entertain each other with card tricks and sleight of hand.

Soon, they're having friends over to the house. Her friend, Audrey, says in ten years Robbie has never looked at her like that.

Before they're married, they discuss what it means to die. She thinks it's nothing. You rot. She no longer believes in magic.

Dane Cook errr Robbie has a gym and not a gas station. Laura is emotionless at work and when Shadow is screwing her, dreaming of Git Gone in the hot tub instead. Stupid Girl indeed.

She pulls Shadow into the living room. She needs to rob the casino. She resents not being happy becaue she sees he is happy. She loves him, but she's not happy. She wants more.

When Shadow is in prison, she's angry that the plan didn't work. It was a perfect plan. She knew everything about the casino. Somebody fucked them. She wants them to take a deal so they both get three years, out in one and a half. He wants to take the full six. That was his big mistake. Believing she could wait.

One day, she arrives home to see Dummy dead on the kitchen floor. It's about all she can take.

She's drinking wine when Robbie buries Dummy in the yard. The affair starts.

Robbie was even in Laura's bed during Shadow's last call.

But she had every intention of resuming her life with Shadow in five days. But she gave him a goodbye blowjob that killed them.

When Laura dies, she goes to Annubis. She doesn't allow him to take her heart. She knows she is not light as a feather. Since she believed in nothing, she will go to nothing. Only darkness. She doesn't care. She wants to go back.

He wants her to go into the hot tub with some Git Gone.

As he tells her off, she tells him to fuck off and she is sucked back through the stars, courtest of Mad Sweeney's lucky coin. She crawls out of the dirt, vomits up the embalming fluid and begins again.

A beam of light shines down and she follows. She sees the faceless men surrounding of Technical Boy surrounding Shadow, who has been hanged. She fights her way to him and snaps the rope.

He is safe, but she rips apart every last one of the men, splitting one in half dousing Shadow in blood.

Covered in blood herself, she hides behind a tree and watches Shadow stumble off. Her arm falls off. She carried it with her down a neighborhood street, returning home.

Her vision is filtered, and she sees nothing as brightly as before. Then again, maybe she never say life in colors and is why she was so very sad.

She takes a shower, dresses, packs a bag and grabs her arm. She sees the stunning light. Shadow is home. She watches him from the ceiling.

Laura is trying to sew on her arm when she hears her stomach growling. She looks at a scrapbook someone was making for Shadow's return, clutching her stomach.

Audrey is in the house. She runs screaming. Apparently, Laura's in Audrey's house.

While Audrey is in the tub clutching the shower curtain, Laura needs to use the toilet. Embalming fluid is coming out of every orifice.

Laura wonders if Robbie is dead and still dead. Audrey admits trying to fuck Shadow on her grave. Seemed fair at the time.

Audrey had Robbie buried with his penis shoved up his ass. They kind of make up, and Audrey sews her arm back on and gives her a ride.

They're discussing whether or not Laura really loved Shadow when Audrey almost runs over a man and his dog. But the dog is Annubis.

They are running a funeral home. They do up her arm and paint her skin.

She's waiting for Shadow in her new, dolled up form, fly strip overhead, when Shadow enters Room 55.

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American Gods Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I had Robbie buried with his penis shoved up his ass. I'm a vulgar woman. Anger and grief have made me a vulgar woman.


Shadow: I would be happy living in a cardboard box under a highway with you.
Laura: See, that would represent a failure to me.