Welcome to the House on the Rock - American Gods Season 2 Episode 1
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Technical Boy brings Mr. World to Blackbriar, a secret surveillance organization created for the use of the President of the United States. Mr. World orders Technical Boy to find New Media.

Shadow, Sweeney, Laura, and Mr. Wednesday are driving to the House on the Rock in Wisconsin. After the attraction closes, Bilquis meets The Jinn at the Carousel Room although she was not formally invited to the meeting. Salim surprises The Jinn by arriving as well. 

Outside the gate, Shadow is trying to pick the lock when Mr. Nancy appears and the gate swings open. 

Inside, The Jinn tells Wednesay that about a dozen have arrived and he has shown them to the Carousel. Laura, Sweeney, and Salim are not allowed in. Wednesday finds Zorya and Czernobog inside.

Wednesday leads Shadow, Bilquis, and Nancy to the Carousel and they are transported into Wednesday's mind where a meeting of the Old Gods commences. Shadow makes an impassioned speech which concludes the meeting and they are transported to a diner at Motel America. 

Mr. World attacks the diner, killing many including Zorya. Shadow is abducted by a beam of light when he tries to stop the shooter. Laura runs out and sees his light disappearing into the distant sky.

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American Gods Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Laura: I still don't understand how a sweet, old man could have so many enemies.
Wednesday: Oh, it's perfectly simple, my dear. Jealousy. Pure, unmitigated jealousy. They all want what I have, a good time wherever I go.

I can't sell war without my best salesman. You need to find her. Find Media.

Mr. World