A Leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day
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Shadow awakens, bound and drugged, suspended in a torture device. He is interrogated by Mr. Town about Wednesday's plan. The torture causes Shadow to remember his life with his mother before she died of cancer in a series of vignettes of his youth.

Czernobog mourns Zorya and declares that she will not rise again because there are no believers. Wednesday promises him vengeance. Mama-Ji promises her blades to the fight.

The Jinn and Salim are sent to fetch the Gungnir spear. Wednesday and Mr. Nancy drive off and leave Sweeney and Laura to chase and save Shadow.

Bilquis warns Mr. World that his attack will only strengthen Wednesday's call to battle and that she will not fight on his side either.

Technical Boy hunts for Media in Times Square and in virtual space but she eludes him.

Laura and Sweeney's pursuit of Shadow hits a dead end. Sweeney uses some leprechaun magic to get them closer and they realize Shadow's on a train.

Wednesday parks his car on the train tracks and offers it up as a sacrifice to free Shadow. Laura and Sweeney fight through Town's men and Town to save Shadow. The train collides with Wednesday's car and it erupts into a ball of flame.

American Gods
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American Gods Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You brought the fight to my doorstep. I have no choice but to resume the lopping of heads, drinking of blood, and liberating of souls. That is... if I can sap my weekend shift with Arjun.


You let the dust of the old star slip right through your fingers,ah? There are no more believers left for Zorya so there will be no more life for her. But I know a new star will soon rise from the horizon and the Hound's Gate will rest in the hands of this newborn star. We must pray that she is up to the task. If not, this country will be barren of believers.