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There is one hell of a "previously on American Gods" segment.

Wednesday is hanging with his new crowd, and a band called Blood Death, led by Marilyn Manson.

Wednesday is crowd surfing, thrilled to be loved by the fans. Part of the stage show is Odin receiving a sword on stage and ... what? Who knows?

Shadow is calling himself Mike these days. He's got a new job in a plant, taught by a cute girl named Sadie when his boss calls him into the office.

They've been having staffing issues, and even though he's new, he's one of the best. Shadow doesn't want to leave his team in the lurch, but it was Sadie who put him up for the job.

The bad news? It's a government job, and a background check is required.

Laura has been trying to have Mad Sweeney resurrected so she can get what she needs from him to get revenge on Wednesday.

Sweeney has been outside in a grocery cart. He's well preserved, so she takes him and starts rolling him away. She rolls him right to a cemetery and dumps him out before dragging him to a mausoleum.

Once inside, Laura guts herself, pulls out the coin, and puts it in Sweeney's hands before she falls to the ground. Sweeney, though, drops the coin, and Laura disappears into dust.

Shadow and Sadie play dominoes, but he always wins. Day in and day out, he goes to work. He helps little old ladies slipping on ice on the sidewalk. He soon discovers that the little old lady isn't all she seems. It's Wednesday!

He's there to extract Shadow and reinforce his instructions to go to Lakeside. It's a contentious meeting.

Some Gods are meeting in a conference room waiting for Mr. World, who arrives under the guise of a trans woman. Miss World. She's not pleased seeing Wednesday at the concert.

Shadow gets home just as the government officials are pounding on his door. Hood up, he walks away. Wednesday is waiting for him with a camper.

Wednesday is delighted that Shadow has made it so many months without so much as a whisper of all he has seen and experienced recently.

Wednesday offers a game of 20 questions, and Shadow's not listening to any of his dad's games. Shadow has questions about his mother and how he came into existence.

Wednesday wants to save humanity from itself, he says, but Shadow doesn't believe him. Wednesday needs Shadow because war is coming, and if he cannot have the loyalty of his own son, how can he expect it from anybody else?

Tech Boy razzes Miss World when he arrives. The new gods are dumbshits. Miss World is trying to remind them that they're all offline if Wednesday takes them off-grid. When someone questions her, she beats the living shit out of him with a baseball bat.

Everyone at the table begins to glitch. Tech Boy wants to chat with World. She wants to know why it's taking so long to get Bilquis on their side.

World has a bunch of men in black on hand to take Wednesday off the board. Wednesday is like a petulant child. Shadow regrets some of his questions, such as what's with the getup. That brings up nude beaches.

They're off to see Whiskey Jack, someone Wednesday pissed off in the past.

Shadow asks the questions. What's up with the new gods? And who is Shadow Moon? Is he a god, too?

They come upon the men in black, and he leaves the driver's seat, giving Shadow the wheel. Hands to his temples, Wednesday puts some figures into the windshield and tells Shadow to make a hard right, now. They disappear through a portal, landing on a sandy beach under what looks like the Aurora Borealis.

Bilquis is swiping left on tons of guys and their dicks on Tinder when Tech Boy arrives. He's taken care of the guy she's been expecting.

He tries to ply her to his side again, but she's adamant. She wants to remain neutral. She doesn't like war and has no desire to be a part of one.

She does something to him that sends him reeling to a time of war so he can get a first-hand look at what it feels like to run for your life and get cut down. He's shocked.

Wednesday is knocking on the door of another trailer. Wednesday chides him for not calling first. They enter what appears to be an entirely different world. Shadow gets lost shortly after entering the forest.

Shadow gets some advice from Whiskey Jack.

Wednesday arrives hoping to get help from Jack, but it doesn't go well. When they step outside of the camper, they're in North Dakota, and a VW van is rumbling up.

It's Cordelia, who Wednesday calls his girlfriend. They need to go to Utah. When Shadow says he's not interested in going with, Wednesday reminds him about Lakeside. All-access and already paid.

Shadow hits the GuidingStar bus depot. Wednesday tosses him a wool cap. All buses have been canceled except Lakeside. Shadow can't help but laugh.

The bus pulls in front of Hinzelmann's, where he runs into two young passengers teasing each other about him being so hot. He seems to be wearing a pussy hat or a slight variation of it.

Julia Sweeney is the purveyor of the establishment. She seems nice and offers him coffee to warm up. Her name is Ann-Marie, and she's charming. She calls her friend, Chad, for a ride to Gorman Street. He's hot and has info on the town. He's also a lawman.

Wednesday has rented quite the house. Oh, it appears to be a tenant building. He's got keys to room #1, but he breaks the key off in the slot. Shadow investigates going in by the window, but it's not clear which room is his. He finds a backdoor and is greeted with a rifle muzzle to the neck.

The credits say that her name is Marguerite.

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American Gods Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Wednesday: I've got nothing to do with this fuckin' background check they're running on you.
Shadow: Oh, yet you seem to know all about it?

Shadow: Mother fucker.
Wednesday: As charged! Like the new look. Less severe.