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Tyr and Odin took advantage of the Revolutionary War for money, power, and influence -- Tyr the former, and Odin the latter.

The world would do well to take heed of farmers and women who just overthrew the greatest army in the world.

But nothing could have prepared him for the first time he looked into Demeter's eyes. Odin is writing his masterpiece.

Wednesday is asked during lunch why he's even there. Demeter assures the younger woman that you cannot always see on the surface the deeper afflictions one suffers.

Demeter has set up Wednesday as a pill hoarder. He's about to get a cavity search when a young lady named Elizabeth enters the room, throwing the searcher for a loop.

Hank thinks Elizabeth couldn't possibly be into him since he barely squeaked through community college, and she went to Bennington. But Wednesday is willing to be his Cyrano.

Shadow and Laura are talking about her upgraded circumstances. The agenda is still the same, though. He wonders why given her second, second chance, the first item on her agenda is killing Wednesday. When he won't give up Wednesday, he shares the news of his parentage.

As they're saying goodbye, she launches herself into his arms at the moment that Marguerite comes into the room. Laura doesn't make the situation any easier, but she teases the two new friends that Shadow gets tongue-tied whenever he's, like, in love or whatever.

Demeter and Wednesday make a mess in the garden, and she tries to use it to get him ousted. She's not interested in resuming their love connection.

Technical Boy is glitching all over the damn place. he goes to a warehouse and calls to him a cute computer. He puts his fingers in it for analysis. He's crying. They're too much. The machine keeps saying emotions, and Tech Boy says he doesn't have them. But, oh, he does.

To restore himself to factory settings, he needs to insert artifact one, but he doesn't know what that is.

Salim turns on the TV to have a commercial talking at him about losing Jin. Laura returns, pounding on the wall so the couple next door will stop screwing. Maybe they can go to Ohio to find Wednesday.

Laura wants Salim to find a way to move on and embrace what lies ahead instead of worrying about what could have been with Jinn.

Allison's parents give a speech that riles up the Lakeside residents, who are all worried about it. One old woman thinks it's craven that Chad was at home in bed sleeping at 10:45 p.m. while Allison is out there with a sex pervert.

Ann-Marie takes things into control with a bullhorn. Shadow asks after Chad. Chad says they're crime rate is 95% better than surrounding areas, and they haven't had a serious crime since 1981. They have a right to be angry.

Mr. World turns into an indigenous American just before Technical Boy returns, seemingly his old self.

Wednesday gives Hank his opus to play out for Elizabeth. Hank thinks Odin is a colossal asshole, and Wednesday says everyone's a critic.

Marguerite considers asking Shadow to turn down his music, finding him dancing to Bel Biv Devoe, Poison, while painting the walls. She bursts out laughing.

Marguerite wonders if Shadow asked permission to paint the walls. She owns the place, along with many other buildings. Marguerite says Millennial Pink isn't on the approved list.

He asks Marguerite to dinner, but she invites him over to dinner with her sister instead.

As he's painting the walls, Shadow sees a scene playing out underneath.

Technical Boy tells Mr. World to fuck off. He's still glitching. He's angry. But he's maybe getting a handle on it. Nope. He breaks down and tells Mr. World about Artifact 1, wondering if he has any idea what it is.

Mr. World blows smoke up TB's ass and takes the elevator to the silo. There, he finds Artifact 1. He assures whoever he's with on the phone that it's all under control and safe.

Laura Moon is back on the map, too. How to proceed?

Odin presents a shadowplay in one act with Demeter in the front row. She seems excited. As he begins, their story unfolds, and she's impressed.

It looks like Odin and Demeter had a child that died, and in his cowardice, he left Demeter in Tyr's arms. She was comforted by Tyr, while Odin was stamped forever with shame.

Tyr was in the audience, as well, putting an arm on Demeter's shoulder. Demeter called him, and he came.

Shadow has met Marguerite's sister before. It's Sam Black Crow. They met during American Gods Season 2 and shared personal stories, and Sam's beliefs about everything form a sort of narrative for the entire book and series.

Demeter and Odin finally talk. Demeter needs to rejoin the world again. The release papers arrived today. She says they'll leave tomorrow. She needs to say goodbye to her friends.

Shadow thanks Sam for not outing him. She's always known he was good. Sam tells Shadow about Sandy leaving home. He was more like a twin brother to Sam, and if he was with his father in Florida, she would have heard of him.

It's the same dirty bronco he remembers.

When Sam leaves, Shadow sees what appear to be fireflies buzzing around as he watches someone darting from a neighbor's window. Shadow pursues to find Derek. Drek dropped a bag of women's lingerie with the breasts cut out.

Mr. World catches up with Laura and Salim.

Demeter is clutching a cornstalk diety and crying in her room when Wednesday prepares to leave. She's walking outside. But it's not her. It's her spirit, which is whisked away to the heavens.

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American Gods Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Why am I not surprised that the Buckeye State is a freaky, Norse underbelly?


Trust me, my dear friend. This is just the first of many more wars to come. The greatest army ever to march into battle has just been skunked by a bunch of farmers, tradesmen, and women. The world would do well to take heed.