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In the summer of 1893, the world's Columbian exhibition introduced the Ferris wheel, juicy fruit gum, crackerjack, and the moving sidewalk. With the dawn of technology came hucksters galore.

The Maximillian the Magnificent is hoping to wow his audience with magic, but they're wise to his trickery by now.

Elsewhere, a new technological marvel is promising to render steam power completely obsolete. It's a mechanical man who writes. Technical Boy is controlling the automaton, which has over 7000 moving parts. He's not faring much better than Maximillian. He's not an entertainer, he's a student of the technological and mechanical arts, a fan of temperance.

Maximillian says Tech boy's program lacks dazzle. Having spent his life savings to get this far, there isn't much more he can do. Maximillian says sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it. Now, there's an automaton playing chess. Tech boy is underneath it, faking it to make it. Maximillian breaks the glass, exposing the secret to make his show the stopper.

Bilquis is still processing the music by visiting those women who came before her. A couple of fools enter to play truth or dare.

Tech Boy and Shadow are in the garage of the building. Shadow wants him to do his thing. Tech Boy calls Shadow Mensa, reminding him that the only reason he needs Shadow is that Bilquis fucked him up. They gotta go old school.

Bilquis is surrounded by her people as they talk her through reclaiming her powers. She sets free water in her cell, rejoicing in her power.

Tech Boy and Shadow hear something and when the garage door opens, they see what Bilquis has done. What in the actual fuck, he wonders, as he begins glitching again. Bilquis emerges through the water and out into the garage.

Bilquis had lost herself, believing that she was what others saw her as. She recommends that Shadow, too, tear down his veil.

Demeter watches over a bed-ridden Wednesday. When she walks away, Wednesday opens his eyes.

At dinner, Bilquis wonders why he came after her. He admits he has a lot of unfinished business. Watching his mother was difficult, seeing her waste away in so much pain. Now it's time to heal his own.

Shadow calls his friend at Lakeside. He's checking in. Is there any news on Allison? He'll be away longer than expected, he says.

Wednesday and Demeter are playing checkers. He admits that he's exhausted. He sees the benefits of going along to get along. He wagers that if he lasts a week, she give him one night. She takes the bet

Salim is chatting with Mr. Ibis about the burial arts when Laura wanders in to ask, where the fuck is Wednesday?

Shadow makes it to the sanitarium and learns Wednesday needs his help to free Demeter, who was his wife. Shadow and Demeter meet for the first time. It's super awkward.

Mr. Ibis does a physical exam on Laura. She's not dead any longer. Mr. Ibis can hardly believe it. They keep going back to Mad Sweeney's blood being the magical ticket that brought her alive, but she assures them, that's not it. Plus, she's fuckin' hungry.

Cordelia wonders if she should be looking for a new job. Generally, yes. But Wednesday assures her that Wednesday is pulling a con. Cordelia disagrees, recounting the night they arrived with Cala Lillies and such.

Laura has advice for Salim. Nothing happens when you're dead. Even when you've been dead for a hundred million years, you still haven't even begun to be dead. So, come with her to murder Wednesday.

Cordelia wants to use a cool gizmo to clone something to gain Demeter's freedom, but Shadow says number 37 is a lot easier than that. Just ask.

But they end up using it regardless to get Hutchinson to free her. Free Caroline Wells and they'll return the briefcase and everything in it.

Salim asks where Laura went. She notices that he's no longer devout.

Demeter will be released in two days. Shadow admits that he had fun with this one. But Wednesday wants her to go of her own will. Shadow tries to get Wednesday to admit how much Demeter means to him, but Wednesday won't have it.

Demeter was gravely wounded by Wednesday, and even Wednesday can't handle knowing he caused that much pain.

Technical boy is glitching all over the damn place. He runs and hides in his contraption.

Shadow gets into town to find a bunch of arguments exploding at the restaurant.

Laura settles in beside Shadow when he's not looking.


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American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

What good is it to know my truth if I cannot be free? I am trapped in here like an animal.


Even the great Edison claimed he created the lightbulb before he actually did it. Like all innovators, he understood sometimes, you gotta fake it till ya make it.