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On a special Halloween episode...

- We go back to 2010 and meet Chad and Patrick, the gay couple who lived in the house previously and were also fighting and trying to sell it. They were killed by Rubber Suit man.

- Fast forward to present day and Ben and Vivien hired a gay fluffer to make the home look nice for Halloween in order to sell it. Turns out to be Chad, who brings Patrick along. The former flips out during the holiday in question and yells at the Harmons that it isn't their house. Vivien yells at him to leave.

- She then also tells Ben to leave because he doesn't believe her about Hayden. He checked the phone bill and saw many calls. Ben claimed it was over, he had told Hayden that every time and, trust him, she wouldn't call back. But Vivien says she left a voicemail for Hayden and as she is arguing with Ben, the phone rings: it's somehow Hayden. Vivien lets it go to to voicemail.

- As soon as she tells Ben to leave, Vivien feels sick, like the eight-week old baby is somehow kicking. Ben takes her to the hospital, where the nurse faints at the sight of her ultrasound.

- Ben and Vivien then must leave because Violet calls in a panic. The Larry dude is at the door, demanding $1,000. When Ben and Vivien get there, no one, including Violet is to be found. With Vivien upstairs, Ben hears a knock and opens the door: it's Hayden!!!


- Addie is seemingly killed by a hit and run. Constance freaks out about at least dragging her on to the property, but she appears to die first.

- Moira visits her elderly mom in the hospital, takes her off her ventilator and hears her mom tells her to come along with her. But Moira says she can't.

- Tate tells Violet a story about the doctor who built the house and conducted those abortions. He and his wife had their baby stolen by the boyfriend of a former patient, and the wife caught the husband stitching back together the dead baby's body once it was found. Supposedly, that dead baby is what is now haunting the basement.

- Also, at one point, Tate surprises Violet in the basement... in the rubber suit.


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