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We take a trip to the past.

The Chemist is shown a home by Holden, who quizzes her. He wants to know why she wants a well-ventilated area and is away from the city.

She says that meth is below her pay grade.

She goes out to the bar and tries to get Mickey to take her pill and he says no and leaves. She tells him she will give him $50 for everyone he gets to take it.

This, in turn, helps him find people.

Belle is struggling because of the failure of her books and her husband is getting antsy about it.

Mickey helps her get the pill and she writes a book in a night, something that her husband laughs at and says he cheated. Their marriage is over.

She kills him.

She goes to a drag bar and finds Austin in drag and being ridiculed by the other drag queens.

She gives him the pill and they go to kill the other drag queens for making fun of him.

One escapes and is killed by the pale person.

Belle tells Austin his creativity should be good, meaning there will be a good life ahead for him ... if he feeds on people.

American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

I have a PhD from Harvard. Meth is well below my pay grade.

The Chemist

I killed my last boyfriend. He could bang me pretty good, but he was boring as f–k, so I drank him dry and burned the body.