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In 1833, Madame LaLaurie's daughters had enough of her disturbing behavior. They worried they would never find a husband and discussed getting rid of her. Were they ranting or serious? They were never given the chance to act on their desires because their mother locked them up with her slaves and other playthings. When her zombie daughters showed up a the academy, Madame LaLaurie had a reason to fear them since she was a horrible mother.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Fiona that Cordelia lost her sight in the acid attack. Fiona goes in the search of drugs decand has a vision that she's to blame for Cordelia's attack. She comes across a woman who just had a still-born child and Fiona brings her baby back to life. When Cordelia's husband shows up, Fiona gives him 15 minutes with his wife and then tells him to take off and leave Cordelia alone. When Cordelia touches her husband, she has a vision of his dalliance out of town. She may be physically blind, but she's gained a new power of vision.

At the school, Luke believes the zombies are just neighborhood kids and goes outside to tell them to go away. Marie activates them and they start killing. Zoe tries to get the other students to go upstairs and stay safe. They all go, except for Nan, who tries to save Luke. They hid in a car until Zoe draws the zombies away.  She hides out in a tool shed.

Zoe takes control of the situation and kills the zombies with a chainsaw. When it runs out of gas, she's attacked by a zombie and she uses an unrealized power to shut him down. At the same time, Marie is disconnected from her minions and falls to the ground. Zoe's much more powerful than her just her killer vagina.

Madame LaLaurie is attacked by her daughter, but doesn't die. She ends up killing her in order to save Queenie. She admits she was a horrible mother and killing her was the kindest thing she ever did.

The Council returns and votes to remove Fiona from her position as Supreme. Fiona uses the opportunity to frame Myrtle for the attack on Cordelia (with Queenie's help) and point suspicion towards her for Madison's death. Myrtle is burned at the stake for her crimes. But, she's not gone gone, Misty shows up and revives her.

American Horror Story
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