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In 1919, a serial killer, The Axeman, was on the loose. He put out a manifesto that declared to remain safe on a specific night people should play jazz music. The witches at the Academy decided to stand against him and played different music. They lured him to their house and killed him.

In the present day, Zoe finds a hidden compartment in her closet with a Spirit Board, books and other materials from witches that lived there before her. She wants to combine forces with Queenie and Nan into their own small Coven in order to survive. They use the Spirit Board to try and find out what happened to Madison.

The Axeman communicates with them and they stop using it. Zoe uses the board to contact him on her own and says she'll release him for the information. Zoe finds Madison in the attic. She's stopped by Spalding but they tie him up. Zoe takes Madison to Misty to be brought back to life.

She finds Kyle there. Kyle sees his mother in Misty and acts out. He's happy to see Zoe and hugs her. They tie him up to keep him from attacking them again.

Misty says it's too late to safe Madison, but after coaxing by Zoe she agrees to try. Madison is saved, but doesn't remember what happened to her.

Cordelia is brought home. She has a vision about her husband again and asks about the Red-head. He denies it, but she tosses him out any way. Later she sees that Myrtle was burned when she touches Fiona. She says it wasn't Myrtle that hurt her.

Cordelia's husband has been working with Marie Laveau all these years. He's a witch hunter. He's responsible for 9 witch deaths. Marie demands that he finish the job.

Cordelia is attacked by the Axe Man in her room. Zoe uses magic to find a spell to move him on. She uses it, but he doesn't move to another realm, he goes to a bar and sits down next to Fiona.

American Horror Story
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