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Sally stares out a window before climbing atop a mattress to sew her latest victim inside on American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5 Episode 2. She hears the screams of one of the girls and finds the children feeding on her. When she dies, her body is tossed into the basement to rest among other unnamed horrors. 

Iris drains blood from the children to feed the Countess and Donovan. She wants to go hunting at an art gallery but Donovan doesn't want to join her, preferring instead to stay in for the night. She goes alone.

Jason attempts to sleep in his hotel room but is haunted by visions of Sally's pet in his bed and a mysterious couple in his shower. He awakes to hear ghostly sounds and sees who he believes to be his son in the hotel hallway. He begins chasing the boy, following the sounds of his laughter, only to wind up in the lobby where he meets Sally. She immediately pegs him as a recovering alcoholic and presses him for details about his life. The following day, John receives a strange package at work from someone at the hotel.

Sally throws a strange look at John's daughter Scarlett when she's not allowed inside the hotel during a party thrown by the hotel's owner, Will Drake, but the girl is inside. Donovan and the Countess are given front row seats to the event and Elizabeth sets her eyes on John. Scarlett and Lachlan sneak out of the fashion show. Elizabeth has a strange encounter with the fashion show's lead talent, Tristan Duffy.

At home, Scarlett watches video of her brother on their last day together knowing she saw him earlier in the evening. Donovan finds Tristan searching through Elizabeth's room in search of cocaine. Just as Donovan is about to kill Tristan, the Countess rescues the junkie. Tristan stumbles into a man's room and watches the man shoot a woman. 

Scarlett still can't shake the image of her brother and returns to the Hotel Cortez to find him but the coffins the children were in the night before are empty. She follows a strange sound and finds the childrens' play room and her brother. He recognizes his sister and invites her to come and visit whenever she wants. 

When Scarlett returns home, she finds her home surrounded by police. Her parents have reported her missing. She tries to tell them that Holden is alive but they don't believe her.

The Countess turns Tristan into an immortal. Her only rules are not to get caught and not to fall in love with anyone but her. Donovan finds them together. The Countess breaks his heart believing it will teach him a lesson.

John returns to the hotel and begins demanding answers from Iris. He buys her a drink and she tells him about James Patrick March, the hotel's builder, a sadist and mass murderer who committed suicide before he could be caught by the police. John believes Iris has told him a tale instead of the truth.

He begins to put together pieces of the murders he's been trying to solve and their connection to March's 90 year old crime spree.

Tristan makes his first kill.

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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Our children are at risk from so much in this world, and we can never protect them from all of it. But when there's something we can do to make them just a little bit safer, we do it.


[to the Countess] Come on. Let's stay in. We can binge watch House of Cards!