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Two young Swedish women get out of a cab and realize the hotel is not for them, but the receptionist refuses to refund their deposit and promises they will change their mind after one night. 

The girls are annoyed, but ultimately decide to stay, but when someone breaks free from the mattress, they are both shocked. The receptionist threatens that they will be arrested for evasion of payment and ushers them into another room to wait. One of the women falls asleep, but when she wakes up, her friend is nowhere to be found. She finds her in the toilet with two kids eating her. 

John Lowe investigates when a couple are nailed to a bed and the husband's eyes and tongue have been removed. John makes a quick observation that the killer is saying the family is blind to what's been going on. 

John is on face time to his kid and someone interrupts, but he says it can wait and reads a bedtime story. John gets a mysterious call telling him the killer is in room 64 at the hotel Cortez and is going to kill again. 

At the hotel. a man is trying to get a room and the receptionist says the rooms went up. He barters with her, but she gives him room 64 and tells him the elevator is out of service. Someone pops into a frame and exclaims that she has "dibs on this one."

The man in room 64 begins injecting drugs into himself and imagines seeing people and a monster appears and tries to penetrate the dude. 

Iris tries to hit on on John, but he cuts to the chase and says he want to see room 64 and is walked up. The man is being raped by the monster as the chick watches on. She makes him exclaim "I love you, Sally." 

John enters the room, but it appears empty. He has his gun ready, searching the room. He sits on the bed and looks around him, searching for answers. He lays on the bed and closes his eyes. The camera pans down to show the under the bed and the dude who got raped wakes up screaming.

John wakes up at the same time the French chicks did and notices the children playing. He runs after them, but they keep on disappearing. 

Sometime later, we see a man and woman getting ready and snorting some drugs as they go. They both go to an outdoor screening of a movie in a graveyard. A young couple catch their eyes and are immediately captivated. Both couples start touching each other.

The two couples go to the hotel and have a foursome. The blonde and her man begin to rip the other couple to pieces. The two of them lie on the bodies, smoking. 

John returns home and his wife is less than impressed that he is late. 

Iris is walking down the corridor with food and ends up in a room with both the Swedish chicks and makes it clear she doesn't approve of their lifestyle and they scream. Sally appears and they argue. Iris makes it clear she is stuck in the hotel because of Sally. Iris storms off and tells Sally to make sure the Swedish women's bodies taste good for the boss.

Sally lets one of the women run, but Iris notices her and the killer shows up and slices her throat with her glove. Iris is scared and tries to make up a story to the boss. 

John's wife texts him asking for help. He rushes to help her when he can't get her on the cell. He goes in the house and his daughter sneaks in after him and they both find two dead bodies strung up. 

We go to Santa Monica in 2010, with John at a fair and his kid is missing. He screams Holden as we cut back to him arguing with his wife about her protection.

An estate agent shows up and introduces the new owner to a shocked Iris. He then goes up and meets the ex owners. 

Loughlin is taken a walk by the old owner. She shows him a secret room in the hall way that has video games, sweets and kids. Holden is also in there. 

In 1994, we see Sally and Iris's son enter the hotel and Liz Taylor on reception. She's pursuing her son, Donovan and makes her way to the room they are in. Donovan  has overdosed. Iris pushes Sally out the window to her death and Iris walks off crying. 

John leaves his home during the night to keep his family safe. He moves into the hotel. Room 64 to be precise. 




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