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It's Halloween on American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5 Episode 4 and there's a new guest in the Hotel Cortez. Richard Ramirez checks in for Devil's Night, an invited guest of James Patrick March. March has left presents in his room, so he makes quick work of two travelers from Arizona.

While on the phone with Scarlett, John sees something on the wall of his investigation. Blood is pouring down the wall from the room above. Ms. Evers is unable to scrub the stains from a set of sheets and remembering Halloween of 1925 when she lost her son. John hears part of her story and she asks him to pour her a drink as she goes on to tell him the rest of the tale.

Alex has taken Holden out of the hotel and brought him home. She does an exam and finds that he's not normal. She pours him some juice and returns to find he's eaten the dog. He asks for his other mommy so Alex returns him to the hotel and meets the Countess.

The Countess blames John for Holden's disappearance, telling Alex that he neglected the boy. She claims to have brought him there to keep him safe and offers Alex a chance to join them.

John re-enters the hotel that night confused about the things he learned earlier in the day. Liz offers him a ginger ale at the bar and he asks for a double martini instead. Soon after, Aileen Wuornos walks into the bar and John believes it's someone in costume and not the real monster. He takes her upstairs to his room where she tries to kill him. 

John goes to the lobby after handcuffing Aileen to a sink to find that Devil's Night is the best night of the year for the hotel and he's been invited. When he returns to his room, Aileen is gone and a tux has been placed on his bed, courtesy of Liz. March believes he's one of their kind.

At March's dinner party, John is introduced to Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy, the Zodiac Killer, and Jeffrey Dahmer, but the absinthe he drinks makes him wonder if the dinner he's at is all a dream. 

Hypodermic Sally meets a man in a suit outside the hotel and takes him inside to get high so she can serve him up for dessert at March's party. John begins screaming as they begin stabbing the man and then only sees Sally who tells him he was hallucinating.

The Countess celebrates Devil's Night by infecting Alex with the virus.

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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I have long known that you and I were kindred spirits.

Ms. Evers [to John]

Countess: She would never risk losing her one true love.
Tristan: Wait, you're banging her too?