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As American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5 Episode 6 begins, we return to Murder House. The Countess visited the home's original owner in 1926 when she discovered she was pregnant with a rapidly growing fetus. She had already been infected with the virus at that time and stumped the doctor and his nurse who helped her deliver the baby, which attacked the nurse upon its birth. Thus began the Countess' fascination with having children in the hotel.

In the hotel, John continues investigating the 10 Commandments murders and wakes up one night to find Holden in his bed. He chases the boy through the hotel only to arrive at the empty pool where the coffins are kept. He learns his wife has joined the hotel's inhabitants.

Liz Taylor finds true love with Tristan but feels the Countess won't understand. Tristan also believes he loves Liz. The Countess needs Tristan's help with Drake, and he doesn't want to because he says he isn't gay. She forces him to help anyway.

Alex asks Liz for help hiding the coffins so that John won't know she's there, then she visits him, dressed in her regular clothing, and makes up a story that she hopes he'll believe. She tries to convince him that he's having a psychotic break and needs professional help. When he goes to the swimming pool, the coffins are gone.

The Countess visits Room 33 where she keeps her baby and tells the infant she's going to Paris to find them more money.

Ramona and Donovan enter the Hotel Cortez with plans to kill the Countess' children. Donovan doesn't want any part in the children's death and Ramona is angry to find the basement empty. Ramona sends Iris to take care of the children after asking for the key to Room 33 first.

Donovan is visited by the spirits of the two dead models. He tells them that the way out of the hotel is to find their purpose. Once they do, they'll be able to enjoy their stay. 

Ramona enters Room 33 to look for baby Bartholemew, the Countess' son. Liz walks past the room to find the door open and is chilled. He seeks help from Alex to find the baby and put him back in his room. 

Liz confides in Ramona about her loe for Tristan. She advises Liz to run, but Liz believes she'll be able to convince the Countess to let them be together. 

While trying to find Bartholemew, Alex encounters the models. They've just killed a man trying to find their purpose. She teaches them the ways of psychological warfare and sends them to John.

John hears about a murder on his police scanner and shows up to a church. He doesn't care that he's no longer on the force. He learns that the police have someone in custody and returns to the hotel to drink. Liz encounters him in a hallway where John talks about how much he loves his kids and wife, but just isn't good at being married or a father. He meets the models and takes them back to his room. 

He leaves in the middle of their tryst and he's covered in blood. When he returns to his room, the girls are clean and dressed, the maid is changing his sheets, and he looks incredibly crazy. He begins packing his bags to leave, taking a hitchhiker with him.

John arrives home, Scarlett in tow, and learns that she hasn't seen or heard from her mom in two days. John begins unpacking his suitcase but is distracted by Scarlett's crying. He finds his belongings have been rifled through and knows he and Scarlett are not alone. John shoots at and wounds Bartholemew. 

The Countess returns from Paris with Drake and his son and she has succeeded in making him fall in love with her. Liz helps the Countess take her bags to the Penthouse and tries to tell her that she's fallen in love with Tristan. The Countess agrees to talk to Tristan. She does not respond well to the news.

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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Ramona: Damn, woman. What's got into you?
Iris: About six pints of O-negative, from the couple of smart alecks in Room 36.

There's no telling what kind of undesirables you might run into in these halls.