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Ally sees a clown looming over her and shouts for Ivy. Ivy searches the room and finds nothing. Ally breaks down that she doesn't know what's real anymore.

Oz has a night terror about the clown murderers and Twisty trying to kill him. He wakes up screaming, and his moms comfort him. He rejects Ally's comfort in favor of Ivy's.

Kai successfully convinces the public that the group of migrant workers attacked him with no reason, after cell phone footage from Meadow and Harrison Wilton is given to a local news station. After being released from the hospital, he vows to run for local office in the seat left vacant by the Changs' murders on a platform based on keeping the city safe.

Ally sees Meadow and Harrison move in next door and is immediately suspicious of them. She walks over to investigate and is scared away when they approach her, but not before spotting their mysterious barrels.

Ally witnesses an altercation between Pedro, a Mexican-American man from San Diego, and a white chef, in their restaurant kitchen.

Winter brings Oz back from school. He is icy towards her. She presents him with a Twisty doll and tells him to hide it from his moms. She quizzes him on his fear after the clowns' attack, teaching him the pinky-link trick that will "help him" by taking his fear away. She then takes him over to the neighbors' house and leaves him there alone momentarily, which freaks out Ally and Ivy.

At the Wiltons', Ivy and Ally find out that Harrison is a gay beekeeper. He and Meadow are Nicole Kidman superfans and best friends who got married as part of a high school pact. Ally continues to be suspicious of them and acts rudely, while Ivy attempts to be polite and give them the benefit of the doubt.

That night, Ivy gets an alert that the security system was tripped at the restaurant. Ally volunteers to go when Oz is hesitant at Ivy leaving them alone. Ally checks and finds the dead body of their chef hanging from a meat hook.

Ally is struggling after the murder discovery and Ivy inelegantly brings her psychiatrist over to speak to her. Ally is in the midst of fortifying the house after her ordeal, setting up bars on the windows and doors and even getting a gun from Harrison. The psychiatrist is nervous about Ally owning a gun, but unable to say anything because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Ally confesses that she inadvertently killed Roger, who was near death not dead, when she tried to save him.

The police believe that Pedro killed Roger. The psychiatrist does not tell Ivy that Ally has a gun. Ally feels betrayed that Ivy called the psychiatrist over.

Ally has a scary run-in with Kai when he comes to her house to campaign. She recognizes him as the man who threw a latte on her and Ivy. She refuses to let him in, rejecting his message of the "others" coming to get her and his inflated percentages about immigrants committing crimes. Ally says she's interested in building bridges, not walls, all the while having a knife behind her back and metal bars on her door. Kai criticizes her and tries to convince her to let him in. She refuses and slams the door on him.

Back at the restaurant, Pedro panics about being a person of interest in the murder of Roger. Ivy reassures him that she knows he's innocent.

Winter puts Oz to bed that night. She instructs him to ask the clowns if he's awake or asleep when he's not sure. Ally is wound tight and doesn't want to take her meds. Winter offers to draw her a bath. While drawing the bath, Winter comes on to Ally and washes her back sensually. They're interrupted from going further when an alarm and all the lights go off. 

Ally gets out of the bath and gets candles. Harrison comes to the window and tells Ally that it's terrorism. She starts to panic and unravel. Winter ignores her panic and leaves her alone. Ally barricades the door and calls Ivy, who is also without power at the restaurant but doesn't believe it to be terrorism. She tries to calm Ally down until her phone dies. Ivy sends Pedro with a box of supplies over to the house.

Ally realizes that a clown cut the power in her house. She fights off a few of them, then grabs her gun, wakes up Oz, and tells him they need to leave. She prepares for the two of them to make a run for it to the neighbors'. As she opens the door to leave, she's startled by the sight of Pedro with the box from Ivy and accidentally shoots him dead.

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