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Ally's psychiatrist helps another patient named Rosie overcome her fear of being entrapped in a coffin. Unfortunately, the night after her therapy session, she and her husband are trapped in burial caskets by the clown gang and they die. They're found a week later by police, who also find the symbol there that was painted on the Changs' wall.

Ally is traumatized in the aftermath of accidentally killing Pedro. She believes she's in trouble, but Detective Samuels assures her that she had the right to defend herself and encourages her belief that she was right to be afraid.

The public is less forgiving. A group of protesters picket in front of their restaurant, calling Ally a murderer. Ivy convinces her to go back home and not confront the mob but refuses to go back with her, citing that they have a business to run. Kai approaches Ally in her car and assures her she didn't do anything wrong. He assures her that he will take care of the angry protesters.

Ally answers the door to Harrison and Meadow wearing sombreros. They harass Ally and accuse her of being a racist.

That night, a mysterious truck rumbles by emitting a strange chemical. Ally and Ivy are alarmed. The next morning, the couple finds at least 30 dead birds in their yard -- presumably dead from the mystery chemicals. When Ivy calls the township, they say that they didn't sanction any chemical spraying but will look into it.

Ivy invites Winter back. Ally is initially mad at Winter, but Ivy convinces her that it wasn't Winter's fault. Winter reveals she let a man in who was outside. They find a naked man jerking off in their living room. It turns out someone posted a sex ad online saying to just let themselves into the house.

Ally calls Dr. Vincent, who talks her through getting the ad taken down. She voices her belief that it's the neighbors who are harassing her. Dr. Vincent suggests an in-patient stay and rebuffs Ally's idea to go speak to the protesters.

She tries to speak to them anyway, but they aren't having it. Kai appears and parts the crowd easily, seeming like a savior.

That night, Ally and Ivy find Winter and Oz playing with a guinea pig. Ally freaks out, citing their no-pet rule because of her sensitivity to dander. She forbids Oz keeping the pet and Oz gets angry at her. Ally calls the neighbors, who insult her but confirm that they gave Oz the guinea pig.

Ally runs out into the street trying to confront the truck driver to ask what the chemicals are. The driver nearly runs her over. She inhales the chemicals and Ivy finds Ally bleeding from the nose.

Kai links pinkies with Meadow and probes for her fears. She admits that she's scared that Harrison is making friends (with Detective Samuels) and will leave her. She's also afraid that she'll never be intimate with a man again. He tells her to stop apologizing and that everything is somebody else's problem from now on.

Ally has a blood test done to see what she ingested but has to wait a week for the results. Ally and Ivy have a fun night testing out Ivy's ice cream flavors with Oz. Oz apologizes to Ally for snapping at her over Mr. Guinea. Ally tells him that he can keep the guinea pig.

When they get home, Oz excitedly runs into the house to tell Mr. Guinea the good news. They find the smiley face symbol painted on the door and the door unlocked. They all come in just in time to see Mr. Guinea explode in the microwave. Ally angrily marches over to confront the neighbors, accusing them of killing Mr. Guinea while Oz and Ivy trail behind.

Ally punches Harrison in the face and says that she'll kill them if they come near her family again. Ally mentions the smiley face painted on the door. Meadow and Harrison say she's been marked by the killer and insist they didn't paint the symbol. As they're leaving, Oz sees the smiley face symbol painted on the side of the neighbors' house too.

Ally confronts the person spraying her lawn. She tries to pull off their mask. When she does, she sees the face underneath is that creepy smiley face and passes out.

Kai links pinkies with Harrison and quizzes him about his first homosexual encounter. He prods Harrison until Harrison admits he wishes Meadow were dead.

Ally calls Detective Samuels over in tears and insists that everything is connected and all are the work of the "neighbors from hell." Samuels asks Ivy if Ally has been exhibiting signs of psychosis. He tells the two that the smiley face symbol appears to be legit.

Ally and Ivy hear Oz shouting upstairs and run to him. He says the link he clicked won't shut off and refuses to show them. When they insist, it turns out to be video footage of Winter fingering Ally in the bathtub the night of the blackout. Ivy flips out and packs to leave with Oz. As they're heading out, they encounter cops next door.

Harrison is outside, covered in blood and hysterical. He insists he doesn't know what happened, but Meadow is gone. Harrison angrily accuses Ally of having been responsible for Meadow's disappearance. Oz disappears into the house. Ally and Ivy follow him in and see a huge amount of bloodshed, along with the smiley face symbol in blood.

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